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GUEST BLOG #11 - by Parveen Ashraf, aka The Spice Queen

Christmas Turkey

Tandoori Ch-T-Turkey Anyone?

Welcome to part three of my festive food blogs. This week I want to talk about the festival that many of us look forward all year - yes, Christmas. I know that we are living in unprecedented times and the festivities for celebrating Christmas will not be the same this year but at the risk of repeating myself


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GUEST BLOG #4 - Parveen Ashraf, aka The Spice Queen

Chicken Masala

Just call me Parveen the 'Rice Queen'!

The most common question I am asked is "how do you cook rice?" Many people will willingly learn about spices, how to marinate meats and even how to 'bhun' which is the Punjabi word for a cooking process; to reduce down, caramelise and stir-fry in oil all at the same time.



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