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By KungfuBBQ

I got the Quality Chop House cook book at Xmas and added a whole load of recipes to the cook list for 2020! First up was Lamb Shoulder, Beef Dripping Cauli and Confit Potatoes.

This recipe is from the Quality Chop House cookbook.


I fired up the Kamado Joe Big Joe and settled it at 220°C. The lamb went into a roasting tray and I covered it with salt. After 30 minutes I needed the temp to be at 100°C so I dropped the vents straight away so the temp would start dropping, I wasn’t too worried if it was over 100°C in 30 minutes, I knew it would get there eventually!

slow roasted lamb shoulder

I basted the meat with the juices every 30 minutes.

slow roasted lamb shoulder

After 3 hours it was looking fantastic!

slow roasted lamb shoulder

Time to come out and rest.

slow roasted lamb shoulder

Resting, what a colour!

slow roasted lamb shoulder

The Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Brown Butter had also been cooking with the lamb. I had rubbed the cauliflower with beef dripping and cooked it in a roasting tray for 30 minutes. Then it was covered with butter and cooked for a further 40 minutes with the butter/dripping juices basted over the top every 10 minutes. This was going to be a healthy dish!

slow roasted lamb shoulder


slow roasted lamb shoulder

The confit potatoes had been prepared the day before and took quite a bit of work!

I sliced the potatoes in a mandoline then mixed them in duck fat and salt before layering them in a terrine mould. Once all the potatoes were in I covered it with greaseproof paper, weighted the top and put it in the fridge overnight. Next day I sliced it into rectangles and deep fried it then topped it with mustard dressing (Dijon mustard, lemon juice, cider vinegar and veg oil). 

slow roasted lamb shoulder


Bit of a variation on a Sunday roast and good to increase the vegetable intake after overdoing it through Christmas too 😉
First cook from the Quality Chop House cookbook and we all really enjoyed this meal. My confit potatoes didn’t look as good as the ones in the book but they tasted good. The cauliflower was fantastic, really easy to cook but super tasty – will definitely do that again.
The lamb was also really tasty, nice easy cook but a cracker for a weekend.
I need to visit the restaurant to see how everything should have tasted and if I was close or not!
Cook Difficulty: 4/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: Kamado Joe Big Joe
Cook Method: Indirect
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Marabu
Smoking Wood: Hawthorn (random!)
Cook temperature: 100°C
Cook time: 3 1/2 hours
Internal temperature: 75°C
Notes: Do the cauliflower again, practice the confit potatoes!
Beef dripping cauliConfit spudsLamb shoulderRecipe

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