Finest Top-Op Quality Henna



Finest Top-Op Quality Henna - 100g

Top op the 100% natural henna, is loved by millions of Indians. Henna is deeply rooted in Indian tradition not only as a 100% natural hair colour but also a natural hair conditioner.

It was commonly used for many centuries in areas of India, the Middle East, and Africa. 
Commercially packaged henna, intended for use as a cosmetic hair dye, is available in many countries, and is now popular all over world, as well as the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States. The colour that results from dying with henna can fall into a broad spectrum, from auburn, to orange, to deep burgundy, chestnut brown or deep blue-black. To achieve a colour that is more brown or black, the user must use this henna as well as amla oil. The henna is applied first, to coat the hair. Once dry, the oil is used. The following factors determine the hair colour that results from using henna: 

user's original hair colour 
freshness of the henna 
region of origin of the henna 
amount of time the henna is left on the hair to process whether it remains wet on the hair, or is allowed to dry 

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