Ghee Appetit Original Ghee 500ml

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Ghee Appetit Original Ghee - 500ml

  • 🐄 ✔【 Raw Milk Cultured Ghee】 A true Farmhouse Premium Ghee made from Raw, Unpasteurised and Unhomogenised Milk. The only UK Ghee that is produced using the raw cream with the finest lactic cultures.

  • 🐄 ✔【Gold Standard Cooking Fat/Oil】 Our Cultured Ghee is quite versatile because it tastes delicious on its own and is also the healthiest cooking oil. Ghee is the Gold Standard cooking fat for high temperature cooking for up to 250˚C/482˚F.

  • 🐄 ✔【Natural Probiotic & Gut Healing】 Cultured Ghee is truly prebiotic and probiotic ghee rich in natural digestive enzymes. Alongside, being rich in Butyric acid which is known to repair the gut. Also being, Paleo Friendly-- Keto Friendly -- Lactose Free – Casein Free -- Gluten Free – Ayurvedic Recipe -- Artisanal.

  • 🐄 ✔【Ancestral Ayurveda Recipe】Our Ghee is made exactly as our ancestors would make it under the Ayurvedic recipe. This ensures that you get the maximum amounts of Vitamin A, D, E, K2; along with CLA, Butyric acid, Omega3 & Omega9 essential fatty acids. On top of that, our Cultured Ghee is also rich in B & C Vitamins and Vit-D. In a nutshell you will get all the gut healing and immunity building nutrients.

  • 🐄 ✔【Flame Cooked】We are stubborn in our processes when trying to produce the highest quality ghee on the market. We use open flame, and not electric machines and huge centrifuges. We do this to ensure that Ghee does not lose its ancestry in terms of its taste, grainy texture and health benefits. We also cook Ghee in the most saatvic (peaceful) environment at our beautiful village farm.

  • 🐄 ✔【Shelf Stable】 Our Ghee is shelf stable with an extensive long shelf life of 2 years. Our Ghee jars are Vacuum sealed for Freshness. The lid seals on our jars are plastic-free and fully biodegradable.

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