KQF Turkish Lamb Kobeda Bites



KQF Turkish Lamb Kobeda Bites - 350g

KQF Turkish Lamb Kobeda Bites (350g).

Made with succulent minced lamb, KQF’s Turkish-style Kobeda Bites are certified halal by the HMC. The Turkish influence comes in the form of traditional spices, herbs and seasonings, together with onion, tomato and red pepper.

The result is a mildly spiced flavour that goes well with rice, flatbreads and many other staples. The Bites - 15 to a pack - are particularly well suited for us as a party food and at finger buffets, but they are so versatile that they can be used almost anywhere. In addition to Turkish-style flavours, our Kobeda Bites are also available in Lebanese-style and a very spicy Portuguese style.

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