Pampers Active Baby Dry Size 5 - 11pck

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Pampers Active Baby Dry Size 5 - 11pck

Pampers Active Baby Dry Size 5 - 11pck (400g)

For lovable happy morning moments all your baby needs is lots of love and a diaper that keeps them dry all night long. Nothing is more rewarding for a parent than the sight of your baby's happiness in the morning and big bright eyes that tell you your baby is ready for the day’s adventures. It means that the baby is well rested after a night of truly dry, uninterrupted sleep. Real dryness means that the baby’s skin remains dry inside the diaper. Pampers Active Baby-Dry locks the wetness away from your baby’s skin thanks to its Micro Pearls located in the core of the diaper that absorb up to 30 times their weight. This way your baby can enjoy comfortable dryness even after the little accidents, for up to 12 hours.

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