Regal Egg Free Cake Rusks - 28pc

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Regal Egg Free Cake Rusks - 28pc

Regal Egg Free Cake Rusks (28 pieces) (600g)

Regal egg-free cake rusk is the best product we have for strict vegetarians. The plain rusk contains no eggs and is double baked until it achieves that perfect balance of delightful taste and crunchiness.

Plain rusk is the Indian version of Italian biscotti. Much like Italian biscotti, cake rusk is baked twice to give it its unique dry texture that goes well with all types of teas and coffees. 

Regal cake rusk tastes exactly like our original cake rusk - the only difference is that it is produced using our special egg-free recipe restricting the use of Eggs so you can enjoy Cake Rusks even if you are a strict vegan.

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