Tropical Sun black eyed beans tins 400g

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Tropical Sun black eyed beans tins 400g

The Black Eye Bean is a white pea with a distinctive black centre. When soaked in salted water, the Black Eye Bean expands to nearly double its original size. You can use Black Eye Beans to create a vast array of fantastic recipes, including soups, stews and curries. Or why not tropicalise your salad with them?

Beans (60%), water (39.58%), salt (0.4%), antioxidant ascorbic acid (0.02%).

Nutritional information

Per 100ml/ 100g

  • Energy                            50
  • Fat                                  0.3
  • Of which saturates         
  • Carbohydrates               
  • Of which sugars             0 g
  • Fibre                               
  • Protein                           4.9 
  • Salt                                0.85 g

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