Lajawab Pink Instant Tea Kashmiri Tea



Lajawab Pink Instant Tea Kashmiri Tea

Lajawab Pink Instant Tea Kashmiri Tea (20 Tea Bags) (150g)

Authentic Kashmiri Tea from the beautiful mountains of Kashmir is finally here for your enjoyment. Chai or tea is enjoyed with water or milk to freshen up your day or to help you relax at the end of a long day. Kashmiri tea is a spiced mild tea that originated in India.
It’s one of the most popular beverages and is enjoyed all over the world. Also known as Noon Chai or Kashmiri Chai, this amazingly pink beverage is made from the same tea leaves as green tea but varies dramatically in taste. A bit salty and incredibly creamy, this chai (tea) is as unique in taste as it is in appearance. Kashmiri chai was initially created as a drink just for royals, and even when it seeped down into other echelons of society, it was still mainly consumed at grand occasions for Indian families.  

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