Regal Coconut Cookies - 12pc

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Regal Coconut Cookies - 12pc

Regal Coconut Handmade Cookies (215g) (Contains 12)

Handmade coconut cookies with a sweet coconut taste and crunchy texture. Prepared from the best ingredients in our biscuit shop. Perfect tea biscuits that work with a wide range of hot beverages. Pair with tea, coffee, hot chocolate or enjoy them by themselves on a busy workday, one thing is for sure; your tastebuds will be quick to fall in love with these crumbly coconut cookies.

Every cookie in this pack is a treat. It was hand prepared with love and baked to absolute perfection. The cookie dough recipe for this teatime special combines the delicious flavour of coconut with wholesome ingredients like wheat flour, fresh milk, and eggs.

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