Curry Mela 2023

Curry Mela 2023 - What an Event!

SaveCo were proud to be the shopping partner and sponsor for this years BRADFORD CURRY MELA, and what an event it was! With hundreds of attendees at this mela hosting many activities such as live cooking masterclasses, competitions, food stalls and live entertainment, it was a great event to celebrate Bradfords local delicacies and experience entertainment you wouldn't get anywhere else! (Besides the rain).

A cooking Masterclass with British Army's Chef SGT Pardeep Kaur MBE and Takdir Restaurant's Mahir Ali

An extraordinary experience unfolded as SGT Pardeep Kaur MBE took the attention of foodies and onlookers alike with her great ability to create refined meals by using only a handful of ingredients! Filled with interactive sessions, delightful Q&A exchanges, and lots of laughs, it was surely one to remember and look back on!

Mahir Ali and SGT Pardeep Kaur MBE live cooking

Image caption: Mahir Ali and SGT Pardeep Kaur MBE live cooking masterclass

Takdir Restaurant's Mahir Ali delivered a Bengal culinary masterclass as he delved into Bengali cuisine, crafting a scrumptious and tantalising fish delicacy for anyone of any background. The aroma of the air and sounds of the preparation and aesthetic craft showed his class and expert skills, inspiring those and even myself to one day make it ourselves!

“The live cooking masterclass left everyone wanting more as both SGT Kaur and Mahir Ali effortlessly put together a symphony of flavours before our eyes. ”

Live entertainment from Tasha Tah and Bhangra Mascots 

The Curry Mela was graced by a special surprise when Bhangra mascots appeared and added an extra layer of excitement to the event! The fun and inviting atmosphere they created was enjoyed by many families, who all joined in singing and dancing. Children and adults alike were mesmerized by the lively energy and good vibes that were brought by the mascots, culminating in a delightful and memorable spectacle for everyone present at the event.

Bhangra Mascots & Tasha Tah's Live Performance

Image caption: Bhangra Mascots & Tasha Tah's Live Performance

Tasha Tah was the star on stage, captivating an audience from all walks of life as she sang some of her top-rated songs live. The fans were loving it, and even new fans joined in on her performance. The event was made all the more special by the enthusiastic participation of the crowd, who danced and sang along with the music and had a great time. 

And Lastly, A big thanks to our customers and our new subscribers! 

Our team at SaveCo were thrilled by your engagement and were happy to answer all the questions you had for us! We were excited to see our customers at this event and look forward to serving some of our new subscribers!

Thank you to our customers and new subscribers!

Image caption: Thank you to our customers and new subscribers!

The Curry Mela was filled with a a ton of engaging activities and events that we may not have fully covered in this post. The event brought together numerous experts, including professional chefs, who showcased their talent and expertise. Additionally, there were various other captivating events that took place, making it a truly memorable and immersive experience.


- A great event and certainly one to remember.

To finish, here is a video of our highlights

The Curry Mela offered a spectacular extravaganza that spanned over two thrilling days. The event was buzzing with activity, boasting a plethora of vibrant stalls, showcasing a wide range of products from local businesses.


Participants were spoilt for choice with the diverse selection of events and entertainment options available. From thrilling performances by renowned artists to interactive workshops and demonstrations by expert chefs, there was something for everyone to enjoy.


And let's not forget the mouthwatering array of delectable cuisines, representing various culinary traditions, that tantalised taste buds throughout the event.


The Curry Mela truly encapsulated the essence of community, celebration, and the spirit of entrepreneurship all in one incredible experience.


- Thanks to all who attended! See you next year!


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